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From SolarNET.HuB (SNH) we think it is necessary to recover our ability for self-organization and dream, and to stop living the future of 'others'.

For example, some eccentric billionaires dream of abandoning the planet Earth, in which they live with the rest of the “Aldea Global”, and stop contributing to the key points that are required to obtain a sustainable and respectful socio-economic development, with a minimal or no harm upon ecosystems. They want to conquer new planets with their spacecrafts, destroying the environment with their technological race and their ideas of progress (what progress? for whom? at expenses of what and who?), polluting habitats at the origin, and continue with their business without any moral or legal responsibility.

Our dream is just the opposite, we want to be on the planet Earth as until now, not living terrifyingly under the surface in a bunker, and contribute to our habitat to continue shining as alive and fascinating as always. To remain that little "pale blue dot in space" (source: Voyager 1's Pale Blue Dot).

We believe in the potential of contributing with our knowledge and care in a common aim, understanding a common as a shared need regardless of personal ideologies, for growing together “as well as possible and for all possible.” Perhaps living that shared experience, including the fact that individuals are maybe not going to see or live their contribution because it can involve long term processes of legacy from generation to generation, can be the key to grow collective local and global situated knowledge, which will surely give us a more relevant understanding about us, our environment and its inhabitants and our (real) needs as a whole, instead of current imposed and naturalized needs of consumerism and 'global progress'.

We would like to continue experimenting and discovering the great mysteries that the planet Earth hides as a whole and in each of its forms, systems, groups or cycles that make it up and which it belongs, including the outer space.

To meet this desire, we propose a LARP.

How to play

The role play proposal is voluntary, that is, you can participate whenever you want and to the extent of the character you want to play during “the game”, inside and outside our ecosystem.

  • It is free, or not obligatory.
  • It is separate (from the routine of life), occupying its own time and space.
  • It is uncertain, so that the results of play cannot be pre-determined and so that the player's initiative is involved.
  • It is unproductive in that it creates no wealth and ends as it begins.
  • It is 'governed' by agreed rules that suspend ordinary laws and behaviors and that must be followed by players.
  • It involves make-believe that confirms for players the existence of imagined realities that may be set against 'real life' … and precisely because of this, allowing to imagine new possibilities for it.

You can abandon, propose changes and add them, as long as they agree with the code of conduct.

The primary objective of the game is basic: experimenting new forms of collaboration; but it can change and increase in complexity if the inhabitants who participate agreed to it. You will always keep the ability to choose independently and consciously, and experiment with that freedom too, because responsibility is directly proportional to freedom: the rise in one results in an increase in the other, and vice versa.

For that, we have generated a series of virtual ecosystems called: The "Four Houses", with different but entangled initial objectives.

The aim is to open a place of encounter for activities, actions, groups and projects that fit in each house, so you can guide yourself on how to choose the places where you can start interacting, and to reach common goals.

The "Four Houses"

In the project network and outside its digital limits.

  • They have global objectives and local objectives.
  • They are one, they are all and are not.
  • They are the same house and they are different houses.
  • They rule the others and are ruled by the others.
  • They exist, but they do not exist.
  • They are need, but they are not need.
  • They collaborate together or separately, but always entangled with the rest of the houses.
  • They are organized and disorganized, but always acting intelligently and thinking on the rest of the houses.
Organize, manage, communicate, disseminate, respond. Organize, invent, develop, build, maintain, connect, disconnect, dismantle, provide, distribute, expand or shrink. Organize, care, water, air, food, health, resources. Organize, handle and produce tactical chaos.

Think globally, act locally and globally…