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A sustainable multilayer tool-artifact for data privacy and project networking...

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From SolarNET.HuB (SNH) we know that there are many ways to move forward and burst the project as a whole and each part that composes it.

The following roadmap proposals are used in a generic way and as a synthesis of possible future ideas that could be developed.

SolarNET.HuB (SNH)

This is a roadmap proposal from SolarNET.HuB (SNH) for the main project.

  • Protect the natural and human environment
  • Develop a tool according to rational rights
  • Provide safe communication systems
  • Investigate alternatives to current society
  • Disseminate free knowledge
  • Protect information and people from capitalist commodification and reification
  • Contribute to new forms of reality, connectivity and legacy on the Internet
  • Decrease the social gap
  • Support new art expressions
  • Establish a critical and scientific community
  • Create new exchange systems
  • Research other methods of coexistence between species
  • Expand the use of free, libre and sustainable tools
  • Put in common new forms of relationships
  • Create quality content (videos, texts, workshops, presentations, interviews, code, …)
  • Increase available resources (infraestructure, components, crypto-money, …) to make the project sustainable in time
  • Expand the documentation
  • Connect knowledge and social activism
  • Connect people and projects
  • Live a unique experience


This is a roadmap proposal from SolarNET.HuB (SNH) for the kit.

A series of improvements for existing hardware/software are proposed below:

  • Optimize device efficiency
  • Expand supported devices (Raspberrypi 3/4/x series, Arduino, mobile devices, …)
  • Create a dedicated motherboard
  • Expand connectivity (Bluetooth, Wifi, RF, …)
  • Investigate other forms of sustainable energy (kinetic, caloric, mechanical, …)
  • Optimize battery use
  • Optimize the use of solar panels
  • Optimize the use of sensors (software, devices, Big Data, …)
  • Optimize the use of memory (RAM, microSD, hard drive, …)
  • Optimize the use of Kernel
  • Make the booting system more faster and secure
  • Study the use of cryptography
  • Develop more parts of the Operating System (Yocto)
  • Improve resilient infrastructure (containers)
  • Apply more data safety and recovery methods
  • Study the installation of new applications
  • Improve networking privacy systems (Proxy, SSL, TOR, DNS, …)
  • Build a physical protective box
  • Create a more comfortable and safe transportation method of the kit

The Project Network

This is a roadmap proposal from SolarNET.HuB (SNH) for the project network.

A series of improvements for existing code are proposed below:

  • Peers: Add more details about the peers network (ex: online, following, blocked, recommended…)
  • Search: Add an advanced search feature (inhabitants by name, images, dates, types of documents, etc.)
  • Publish: Add the possibility of sending private messages more easily
  • Votes: Add more options to the voting system (eg, instructive, recommended, motivating, revealing, necessary, sensitive, monitoring)
  • Invites: Add the possibility of making/list invitations of: inhabitants and groups (in addition to PUBs)
  • Multiverse: Add more data about the sources connected in the Multiverse.

A series of new implementations are proposed below:

  • Peers (Visual Graph): Create a new tab that shows in a digrama of nodes the distribution of the peers (anonymously, although visual)
  • Chat: Create a new tab that allows a chat (multi-p2p) in real time
  • Groups: Create a new tab that allows the possibility of generating groups (subgroups) and being able to enter, leave, make invitations, etc
  • PAD: Create a new tab that allows the possibility of editing texts collaboratively
  • Streaming: Create a new tab that allows to make real-time streaming (video/audio) between peers (ex: WebRTC, Jitsi app…)
  • Exchange: Create a new tab that allows to make transactions/trading between individuals and groups.
  • Sensoring: Create a new tab that allows to have data on the global infrastructure of sensors deployed in each SNH KIT


This is a roadmap proposal from SolarNET.HuB (SNH) for the warehouse.

  • Expand the number of component suppliers/vendors
  • Expand the distribution capacity of the products (kit, sensors, code, …)
  • Expand points of sale
  • Optimize the storage system
  • Optimize the tracking system of orders
  • Improve the assembly and packaging system
  • Improve the logistics and direct delivery system