.:SolarNET.HuB (SNH):.

A sustainable multilayer tool-artifact for data privacy and project networking...

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The Kräken.LABs collective has written the following slides with an open format (.odp) and a free license, with the objective of being used to support for possible explanations of the SolarNET.HuB (SNH) project.

  • OP-Name: “BK0-Inception
  • Meta: “SNH: Tool for inter-personal liberation
  • Date: 01-2023
  • By: Kräken.Labs
Language: English / Content: 70 pages / Presentation time: ~1h 30 min
Language: English / Content: 33 pages / Presentation time: ~45 min
Language: English / Content: 14 pages / Presentation time: ~20 min