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A sustainable multilayer tool-artifact for data privacy and project networking...

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From SolarNET.HuB (SNH) we know that there are many ways to move forward and burst the project as a whole and each part that composes it.

The following contribution proposal is used in a generic way and as a synthesis of possible future ideas that could be developed.

The project needs people who:

  • Check the roadmap and try to contribute
  • Organize and expand this website
  • Write more documentation, tutorials and examples
  • Read and contribute in our forum
  • Create videos, images, memes and other different related materials
  • Spread the project ideas and plans (talks, workshops, podcast, interviews, …)
  • Expand the research carried out and include new ones
  • Program new code
  • Test the hardware and software that composes the project
  • Publish interesting content within the project network
  • Put their infrastructure at the service of the project network (creating nodes, creating PUBs, creating ROOMs…)
  • Organize events around the project
  • Include the project in classes, articles, talks and workshops
  • Publish articles in press and alternative media that contribute to spread the project
  • Make translations to native languages
  • Contact people and projects that may be interested
  • Improve the conditions for the acquisition of components
  • Share the content of this website on their networks
  • Investigate how to improve the creation and distribution of the project
  • Help people who start using the kit and project network
  • Create merchandising material (t-shirts, patches, stickers, …) that contribute to project financing
  • Make donations (infrastructure, material, knowledge, crypto-money, …) that contribute to the sustainability of the project
  • Buy the kit to actively contribute to the sustainability of the project

You can use the following contact to request more information or to start contributing.